L21201-ST66 4X Strong treble hook

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Item no.#: L21201 ( ST66 )
Description: In line 4X Strong Treble Hook
Material: High-carbon steel
Size : 8# 6# 4# 2# 1# 1/0# 2/0# 3/0# 4/0# 5/0#
Packing: bulk packing or customized in PET box or blister packing.

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This KONA 4X strong treble hook is forged from the fine high-carbon steel. And it is extreme corrosion resistance.
Because of it’s competitive price, good strength and sharpness, it is the good choice for lure makers and fishermen.
With a wide range of size, including 8 6 4 2 1 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0, the KONA model L21201 is the most popular treble hook for overseas market. It allows you to replace the original trebles on your favorite lures with a perfect match in size and strength without compromising the original action of your lure.
High corrosion-resistance for the longest-lasting Tin/black/nickel/red finish in the saltwater market with ultra-sharp, multi-step chemical sharpened hooks. It is easy and fruitful for fisherman to fish in the sea. Especially for big fish.

L20101-ST36 1X Strong round bend treble hook (1)
L20101-ST36 1X Strong round bend treble hook (2)
  • KONA, a trusted brand for Reliability, Durability, and Strength.
  • 4X Strong Treble Hook: Built to be heavy gauge and large size hooks to fight for saltwater trout catfish,kingfish and walleye, nearly unbreakable.
  • Snagging Hook: Unique bend locks fish into elbow, once hooked, making it impossible to lose your fish.
  • Fine Sharpness: 4X heavy treble hook features fineness of the sharp tip with durability, strong enough to stay firmly in a large fish's mouth, no escaping.
  • It's your must-have hooks for catch-and-consume, with excellent hooking ability and outstanding strength.
  • Forged and more thicker body design ensure the high strength of the hook,3 hook tips with barbs, can hook the fishes from more angles, help catching more easily, perfect tackle for snagging fishing.
  • size: 8,6,4,2,1,1/0,2/0, 3/0, 4/0,5/0. bulk packing , blister packing or PET box packing. It is up to you.


L21201-ST66 4X Strong treble hook


L20001-ST46 2X Strong sproat bend treble hookfinsh

Applicable for all kinds of lure fish:


If there’s one piece of your whole angling setup that you have to get right, it’s the hook. And it is not just bending a piece of metal wire.
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