How to choose a good fishing hook?

Fishing catch development has gained extensive ground starting now and into the foreseeable future, regardless. Picking the right for your fishing destinations will bring you a lot sense of achievement and make friends who love fishing too.

Did you know there are numerous different sorts of fishing catches?
While many look modestly practically identical, with the unmistakable curve at the base and the pointed, thorned end, everything about your fishing catch will impact what sort of fish you get, what number of, and whether you end up with a flavorful fish dinner, a championship of a competition, or both.

Most anglers will uncover to you they slant toward just two or three kinds of fishing catch. Their decision will usually depend on what sort of fish they are endeavoring to get.
For example, in the river / lake, there are many fresh water fishing hook for choosen. such as Iseama, Chinu,Marusaigo,Kiryu, Koi So, sode,tilmpa sode,kitsune,shin kantosure,raft,chika,aji,carp,akitakisun,with ring or with spade head.
or you may choose salt water fishing hooks for sea fishing. like Octopus, Aberdeen, Beak baitholder,circle hook, tuna hook,worm hook,hoodlum hook,O’Shaughnessy, round bend sea hook,kirby,speed jigging hook,slow jigging hook.inline single hook,kaiju inline single hook,pike hook etc.

and there is one kindly of fishing is Lure fishing ( double hook / frog hook, treble hook ). it can be used for fresh water fishing or salt water fishing, the size from 18 # to 6/0#. we will discuss this by a seperate topic.


Here are the anatomy of a fishing hook :


In view of the fishing hook, we can check if the quality is good or not by below points :

1. Sharpness: 

To check the hook point is sharp or not, we can put the hook point to the finger neil and scratch gently, if it is easy to have scratch then it is good quality hook. and then put the hook point to a hard surface and scratch, check if the point is bent or not, if bend then it is no good.

2. the surface of hook:

Usually the fishing hook will have white nickel, black nickel, tin, bronze ( for fly fishing hook ) color, and if the surface is smoothly and not easy to peal off, it is a good hook.

3. Strong:

We can use a plier to check if the hook is easy to broken or deformation, if it is finally broken, it is good.


4. Anti-rust:

usually for salf water fishing hook, we need the hooks have good performance for corrosion resisitant, so usually will put the hooks in the salt water and check if they can last for  many days ?

5. if the fishing hook ring is centered

For products from a big factory like KONA, they using advanced equipments to produce fishing hook, and the ring is always centered.


Post time: Oct-08-2021