The function principle and selection of gas pressure gauge

In daily industrial production, various gas pressure gauges are indispensable as commonly used measuring instruments. There are many types of gas pressure gauges, including pointer indication type and digital display type. They can also have remote transmission capabilities so that pressure data can be monitored off-site, and so on.

Gas pressure gauge

There are a lot of different types of equipment that can be used now, and the use of pressure gauges is also very common. After use, this equipment can directly reflect stable measurement results. It can perform reasonable measurements on pressure and environmental data, and also With good mechanical strength, it can be used with peace of mind without any problems, and the service life is relatively long. It is suitable for use in various industries, and it is convenient and simple to purchase, and the price is very high.

When the gas pressure gauge measures the pressure of the medium, its working principle is to set an isolation device on the periphery of the pressure gauge. The pressure of the medium will be transmitted to the internal pressure gauge through the sealing liquid, and the indicated value will be obtained.

Its characteristic is to work in a medium isolation mode. The gas pressure gauge is mainly composed of the pressure gauge itself and a special isolation device. The gas pressure gauge is a special product used to measure the specific medium in the pressure gauge. It can measure media with strong corrosiveness, high temperature and high viscosity.

1. The measurement requirements in the process of production, including measurement range and accuracy. In the case of static test (or slow change), it is stipulated that the maximum value of the measured pressure should be two-thirds of the full scale value of the pressure gauge; in the case of pulsating (fluctuating) pressure, the maximum value of the measured pressure should be the pressure gauge Half of the full scale value.

2. On-site environmental conditions, such as ambient temperature, corrosion, vibration, and humidity. For example, shock-proof pressure gauges used in vibrating environmental conditions.

Gas pressure gauge

3. The properties of the measured medium, such as state (gas, liquid), temperature, viscosity, corrosiveness, pollution degree, flammability and explosiveness, etc. Such as oxygen gauge, acetylene gauge, pressure gauge with “no oil” mark, corrosion-resistant pressure gauge, high-temperature-resistant pressure gauge, gas pressure gauge, etc.

4. Suitable for staff observation. According to the location and lighting conditions of the testing equipment, choose meters with different diameters and dimensions.

Mentioned the use value and stability of this gas pressure gauge, the effect can be very good, in order to ensure that it will be more stable in use, then you can also consider the content of the purchase. It mentions the way of purchase. You can consider choosing a model with high-quality production technology, and you can test according to the measured temperature, humidity, viscosity and other parameters. At the same time, you can also consider the range of measurement. These are the main instructions for purchase.

Post time: Oct-08-2021